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Supplies for Fringe Fleece Scarf : 1/4 yard of fleece (any color) Tutorial: Easy fleece fringed scarf · Sewing @ CraftGossip: September 29, 2009 at 10:46

1 Jun 2009 Sewing your own fleece scarf is made into a fun fall crafting project for along the top of the fringe to “close” the ends of the scarf .

11 Dec 2005 I decided to try making some fleece scarves in team colors Then I moved over to the sofa and cut fringe at about 1" or so intervals:

Purchase enough fleece to make the scarf length you desire plus 6 inches for fringe (optional). Remember that the stretch in the fabric should run the

Aller à Fringe Scarf . > ‎: Use scissors to cut fringe into the layers of fabric, leaving 1/4" uncut at the center (so that the scarf will not unravel.

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